Membership Message

Membership of the Society of Critical Care Nursing (SCCN) is open to any professional with an interest in Critical Care. The membership is constantly growing. Our membership includes Clinical Practitioners, Nurse Managers, Nurses in education and research posts as well as Nurses practicing in the Industrial Field.

As a new member of SCCN, you will belong to a group of committed professionals who elevate nursing practice in every way through a shared passion for and commitment to professional excellence. Through our community, we strengthen and support, learn and challenge one another to bring out our best.

Benefits To Join SCCN

  • SCCN Scholarship
  • Concession¬† in CNE program
  • Discount in Upcoming SCCN conference
  • 25% of seats in the conference are reserved for SCCN members
  • Latest available literature
  • Nurses welfare grant
  • Disaster relief fund for National/State
  • Life time achievement award
  • Presentation of the scientific paper at National/International SCCN Conference
  • Medical assistance (Insurance)